You’ve come from a long career in property management, so what motivated you to make the leap into lighting?

The birth of The Replacement Lightbulb Company comes from my frustration with finding lightbulbs blown all the time, particularly in hallways, whilst out on jobs. I found that this was often because it isn’t always as easy as it might seem to replace them.

For both individuals and businesses, finding the right product to buy at the best price and issues around health and safety often result in changing bulbs becoming a low priority. There is a lack of people, or companies, who can offer a simple, quick and economical service to resolve this. Electricians or other contractors will charge more and take longer to do the job. They’ll also often turn down a smaller job as it’s not a “valuable use of their time.”

So, RLC was born to fix this problem.

Mark, perhaps the response to a question about what your company does might well be “it does what it says on the tin,” but perhaps you could elaborate…

Exactly – that about sums it up. The Replacement Lightbulb Company’s philosophy is to provide a straightforward, no-frills, fast and efficient professional service to companies and individuals alike. You can even book a time slot online, which makes it much easier for busy people. Offering such a specific and specialist service means we really can provide the best advice on bulbs and save our customers money.

Do you have a ‘typical’ client?

Our clients are a mixture of both companies and individuals – basically, anyone who is unable or simply unwilling to take on the task of replacing their bulbs. For companies in particular, they need to be mindful of health and safety requirements when dealing with heights to avoid any liability for injury to staff. For individuals, they can also be understandably concerned for their own safety – particularly the elderly or disabled.

All of the clients using our service also save themselves time; researching  the best bulb  to use for their needs is not often high on the list of how they want to spend their time! So, our expert team can assess this instead and recommend the right bulbs for their requirements and budget.

Just demonstrate briefly how you could save us money…

That’s an easy one: replacing your light bulbs with low-energy bulbs like LEDs will reduce the amount of power you are using without compromise. You’ll save money by using less power, but will also be reducing your carbon footprint.

We use a highly trusted supplier for our bulbs and are able to buy them at wholesale prices. We don’t mark up the cost, either; that would be against our important policy of being honest and trustworthy to all of our customers.

Explain what is an LED actually is, and why do we need it in our lives now?

LED stands for low energy diode – which, put simply, means that they are designed to use less energy than a standard bulb but still produce the same output (the level of light). LEDs are a significant improvement in technology, and in comparison to standard bulbs (or incandescent bulbs), last much longer.

The LED bulbs may cost more upfront than a standard bulb, but the long-term cost saving is significant. By paying a little bit more for the bulb, you could reduce your household or business energy bills going forwards.

If we use your services, are we helping to ‘save the planet’ !?

Absolutely! It’s our mission to save the planet! Our dream is to be able to replace every lightbulb in the world with LEDs. In the meantime, if we could persuade everyone in the UK to replace just five of the bulbs in their homes or offices with LEDs, we could do away with one whole power station. A great step in the right direction!

What is your typical day, Mark?

I’m not sure a ‘typical day’ exists in my world! Much of my time is spent in meetings sharing the virtues of replacing lightbulbs, or visiting businesses in Sussex to share this information with them and hammer home how easy it is to reduce their carbon footprint and bills.

My amazing team will be out and about helping our customers. We are really hot on providing a great level of care to anyone who uses our service, and so we will also follow up to ensure they are 100% happy with the work we have carried out. We also always have projects on the go, which take some planning.

Your business is a little different from your previous life as a property professional. Do you like the buzz of a new start-up?

I am definitely enjoying establishing RLC, because it really is a passion of mine to promote energy  saving  and  protect  the environment

– especially when it’s so simple to make a change! I also am relishing providing a truly worthwhile service to great customers who appreciate our aims and are keen to contribute. As you can imagine, I’ve heard many quips about how many people it takes to replace a lightbulb since I started this business. But I can tell you the exact number:

One to design the change;

One to implement it;

One to document it;

And one to maintain it!

If you need lightbulbs replaced quickly, and without a fuss, contact The Replacement Lightbulb Company on info@rlc or call 07779 169 262.