Networking Tips

Top Tips to get the best out of networking

Would you find some networking tips useful?

Networking can be daunting, you may feel nervous, shy or perhaps even loathe the thought of being in a room of strangers.

That’s why we developed Toast – to put you at ease, make you feel welcome and ensure you are relaxed to networking effectively. We want you to leave feeling you have had a very positive experience!

The right kind of networking is about making the most of the people you meet.  It should be a rewarding, enjoyable experience.  So, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned professional networking pro, learning new things, or re-visiting what you already think you know, is a key part of your personal development.

We have designed some useful tips that may help you along the way.

Here We Go:

Networking is not about sell, sell, sell.  It’s about relationships and connections. Think not – who can buy my services today but more of how many great working relationships can I start today?  How will they enable me to support my fellow networkers?

Do your homework

Some networking groups send out attendee lists beforehand.  Study this list and make a note of the people you would like to talk to.  You could even ask the host to introduce you.  At Toast Networking, our membership directory is on this website.  Check us out!

Bring business cards

Yes, we know this is on practically every page of this website.  We don’t apologise for it. People need easy access contact details. If you don’t have a card there will be no record of you and can easily be forgotten! If you are serious about your business, then you should have some good quality marketing materials which will include your business card.

Be interested

Showing genuine interest in the person in front of you is a highly effective way to win friends and influence people.  Become a great listener and you’re well on your way to becoming a sensational networker.

If you come with a colleague or friend, do make sure that you go your separate ways at the event.  Otherwise, your comfort-blanket work mate could prevent you from meeting new people.

Enjoy Yourself

Networking is good fun. Regular networkers have forged new friendships, in addition to developing their businesses.

There’s lots more advice and networking tips to offer you, so why not come to one of our events as a guest and find out what they are?  You can book your ticket here.