Networking in Hove

Are you looking for networking in Hove? Why not come and join Toast Networking at the Modelo Lounge, 145 Church Road in Hove, every other Tuesday morning from 7.30am until 8.45am?

Why Toast Networking?

Networking is a wonderful way to forge long-lasting business connections. Come and meet a room full of like-minded people in the comfortable, chic surroundings of the Modelo Lounge in Hove.  Not only can our network help you to grow your business, meeting new people and developing your confidence could do wonders for your inner belief systems.  Yes, you CAN do it.

Don’t forget that Toast Members have exclusivity.  At Toast Networking, your competitors won’t be there.  A room full of people and it’s just you. Is there a space free for YOUR sector?  Why not get in touch to find out?

Our meetings follow a defined format.  You’ll always know what happens next.  Check out our Toast Agenda page for more details.

Your Best-Ever Venue for Networking in Hove

Whether you live in Hove, Brighton or further afield, The Modelo Lounge is easy to find, and there’s plenty of on-street parking nearby. It’s worth getting up early to see what the fuss is all about.

Not only is the breakfast absolutely sensational, also the elegant, quirky surroundings of this contemporary bistro are ideal for networking.  There’s plenty of space to meet people and move around, a table for business cards (don’t forget to bring yours) and loads of coffee, tea and juice for an early morning pick-you-up.

Did We Mention the Buffet Breakfast at The Modelo Lounge?

Is the quality of the food at a networking event important?  Hell, yeah.

Fancy creamy scrambled eggs, delicately smoked bacon, super-tasty Cumberland sausages and lashings of baked beans?

How about perfectly cooked hash browns, moreish mushrooms, and delectable red peppers and spinach?  Oh yes – there’s toast, too! This is indeed a breakfast of champions.

Help yourself, it’s THE best way to start your day.  There are delicious vegetarian and vegan choices, too.

Toast Networking is the breakfast networking event in Hove that you’ve been looking for.  Why not come along as a guest?  Book your place here.