Nadarra – Margaret Sinclair

I am based in Sussex and have a family run business. We all have an interest in natural health and wellness.

Many years ago I realised that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we eat as up to 40% is absorbed into the body. This was when I started to look more closely into the ingredients in my skincare products. I was shocked at the amount of chemicals, preservatives and fillers present. When I started to look around at what products were available they were limited, of poor quality and often irritated my eczema prone skin.

 As I could not find skincare products of a good enough quality without chemicals, I started to make them myself. With a lot of trial and error I started to create some beautiful products for myself which I loved. 

My friends would ask me what I was using on my skin as it looked so good and smelt so nice. When I explained it was my own products, they asked to try some, then some more…

then to buy some for their friends and family. That is when I knew I had something special. I decided I wanted to share these wonderful organic products with like minded people and the rest of the world so, I created Nadarra Cosmetics.