Mindsetup – Emma Mills-Sheffield

Mindsetup – helping you to find clarity from confusion, and focus from the distractions of everyday life which get in the way of living a life of purpose.

Using skills from the business world and real life experiences from rebuilding a life after grief, Emma works with people who want to do more.  For those who want to grow more, to give back and live a life of true purpose.

With a long and obsessive love of planning, organisation, project management, team development and working with really good people over the last 15 years, she uses all these skills with Mindsetup, to help you become productive with a purpose.  More importantly it’s mixing these skills with the experiences of resilience, growth, empathy and knowing that life is short, which makes Mindsetup different.


email: emma@mindsetup.co.uk

Twitter: @mindsetupUK