Business Networking

In order for business networking to be effective, it needs to be an experience that you keep repeating.  Because…you enjoy it. We know that some of you may be nervous or apprehensive about networking. With Toast, there’s no need.

We’d like to think that Toast has reversed the concept of what a professional business referral group is all about.  You could say that Toast just “popped up” as a fully-formed plan.  Like all great ideas, the principles that support Toast Networking are clear-cut.  Simple, even:

Meet the Founders of Toast Networking – Business Networking with a Difference

Angela Parker – Hired Assistant

Hired Assistant offers super-efficient, personal assistant services to hard-working business owners and busy private individuals.  In brief, these are services that you REALLY need.  Hired Assistant can take on almost any task for you. Let Angela take look after your admin, social media management, diary management, market research, business development, telemarketing – the list is endless.

Hired Assistant could change your life!  Angela’s attention to detail and her pro-active approach will save you HOURS.  Imagine having so much more time during the day to focus on the things you enjoy, or that you’re good at.  In the meantime, you’ll know that there’s a powerhouse out there dealing with your administration.

Angela also manages the business networking group par excellence – Toast Networking.

Licia Graves – DataCommuniqué

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, what Licia doesn’t know about printing and print management simply isn’t worth learning.  Whilst this sector has undergone so many changes as to be almost unrecognisable, there’s one thing that never changes:

You will always need something printed.

Whether it’s a brochure, roller banners for a trade show, business cards, letterheads, point of sale merchandise – this reliable, prompt and affordable printing company should be on your speed dial.

DataCommuniqué’s work is finished to the highest standards and can be delivered to your door.

Also, if you need your promotional material to reach its target market, this is a business that also offers outstanding distribution services.

Licia knows loads about business networking.  She’s our MC.

Noticed the amazing branding on this website?

Step forward…

Su Gregory – Designers-i

Su Gregory is an astonishingly talented artist, graphic designer and website builder.

Su joined Angela and Licia at the start of Toast Networking, and, as you can see, has created the lively, vibrant “look and feel” that you see before you.

Designers-i makes the most of her inspiring talents.  If you would like your business communication to be stronger and more focused, get in touch with Su.  She delivers intelligent, sophisticated graphic designs that work on websites, printed materials, digital media or wherever they need to.

Great graphic design is about an audience.  YOUR audience.  Talk to designers-I and “speak” to them in their own language.

And, did we mention that Su is an artist?  Check out her wonderful work here