I have recently been out networking at a really fun, new and ‘hip’ networking event in Brighton called ‘Toast’.

It was held at The Brighton Hotel and I couldn’t help but notice the ‘retro, holiday by the sea’ feeling as I entered. I loved it!

Upon entering, the hosts Licia and Angela jumped up and down with enthusiasm and they quickly introduced me to some of their regulars, I didn’t have a split second to feel awkward or out of place.

The atmosphere was fantastic and I found others networking there to be really open minded and very much up for supporting me in my commitment as a transformational coach.

We then sat down and enjoyed their breakfast with scrambled eggs cooked to perfection!

After breakfast we heard a talk led by Lisa Pantelli, who specialises in creating company culture in businesses to elevate business performance. Lisa spoke about the incredible results that she helps various companies to achieve; focusing towards raising employee enthusiasm, which in turn drives them naturally, towards being more engaged with their role and company and how implementing these changes can assist companies to be far more successful and productive. Proving that staff happiness is paramount to the success of todays businesses.

As we approached the end of Lisa’s talk the fire alarms went off and how more fitting could the cause be, than that of us burning the toast! The toast was quickly popped out and was met by a few giggles as the alarm quickly stopped and we got back to our retro chic mingling.

I left with two complimentary sessions scheduled that I’m looking forward to deliver and I can’t wait to be the guest speaker at the next Toast event at The Brighton Hotel on the 4th July.

If you’d like to meet some interesting people and let me inspire you with what it really takes to truly succeed in ‘living the dream’ then come along. Click here to buy your ticket

However, whatever you do, just don’t burn the toast!

Dan Warburton – www.danwarburton.com