I moved to Brighton in November 2017 and Licia was one of the first people I met.  What a relief; she was so down to earth and seemed to know everyone!

Licia invited me to ‘Toast’ (of which I had no clue) and before I knew it, I found myself there at my very first breakfast network meeting. I’ve never felt so welcome and comfortable in front of a group of business owners.

I wasn’t sure about joining at first, as there were so many other networking things to go to. I literally tried ten other clubs and came straight back to Toast, where I first started. It’s just a great vibe, very relaxed and more to the point, I have already got way more than my membership money back in business referrals.

I moved to Brighton to launch the UK’s biggest LGBT radio station; Gaydio. I’m looking to promote any business, big or small, with a bespoke package to suit each individual business and the campaign they would like to run. Gaydio broadcast to half a million listeners every single week of which, have a high disposable income.

Gaydio Brighton can already be heard on DAB, online and on the app. We’re launching Gaydio Brighton on FM 22nd June, so get involved now while prices are unbelievable.

Jessie Brooke @ Gaydio