One of the greatest things about joining a networking group is the fact that you have the chance to be in a room full of people with different expertise, and I bet that sooner or later, you will need to pick their brains. It could be that you need to plan your pension, or you want to add extra space to your home and want to know all the available options, or pick up some easy recipes to lose those extra stones!

At A Room in the Garden, oh yes you got it right, we build garden rooms. More and more people these days are working from home, and consequently more and more people want an extra space to use as a garden office.  A garden office allows you to separate home from work, eliminating distractions and increasing productivity. Plus, wouldn’t it be great to have a space to store all your work stuff without having to share it with toys, a laundry basket and the occasional guest?

Obviously, building a room in the garden requires a substantial investment, but, if you run a business or you are self-employed could you be able to claim the cost of your garden office as business expense? Or can you claim the VAT back?

I am not an accountant, and I do not know much about these things, so, I started my internet research. But, the more I read, the more doubts and questions I had.

So, I abandoned the internet, and instead decided to talk to the experts. I did not have to look too far since Cardens Accountants and Business Advisors, are one of a member of our Toast networking group!

I met with Adam Thompson, one of its Corporate Tax Managers, who very kindly agreed to answer all my questions.

If you are thinking about adding a garden office to your home, and would like professional advice about tax relief, VAT and deduction of cost, you can read the full article, Can I claim a garden office as a business expense?

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Ivana Cavallo