Ooooh come on come on!
Boom! I sais BOOM!
Our 3rd event was in full force today! What a cracking way to start the day!
Toast as ‘Will I am’ would say ‘is on fireeee!’
Everyone showed up as happy as Larry despite the cold dark morning and why I hear you cry…..?! Well it’s cos Toast starts the day the reet way!
Some new faces again….. fresh blood as I like to call it and fresh they were! Excited to be in a room FULL I sais FULL of like-minded folk wanting to learn and expand their own personal yellow pages, to make connections, to find synergy and believe me they did!
Louise got enquiries about overnight short breaks;
Loquacious Licia…… that’s me…… had a request for some business cards;
The iphone dude had a few leads re the iphone……funny that!
Russ the plumber found synergy with Sam our new electrician – tradesman corner love it!
And last but by no means least we had a fantastic talk from the very intelligent, charismatic, amazingly intriguing Graham Price who everyone thought was a genius and quite rightly so!
Well I sais and then to top all that….’ jobs a good un fanny is your aunt we had 4 people want to join as a Toastie……totally amazing!
Errrr that’s like 10 members after 3 meets…….I think you will find people…….us here at toast are doing sommat reet!
Believe it or not I’m speechless for once…… the wife is chuffed………
They love it, we love it, why don’t you love it too! Come on have a pop……you know you want too!