Well I’m not being funny but when the alarm went off at 5.45 this dark freezing morning I did not want to get up out of my warm cosy pit…….but hold fire……..it’s not just any day is it? …… Today is TOAST day…….. boom!

All the planning and marketing totally paid off as we had 22 folk in the room and it felt marvellous!

The glorious Louise and Tino were 1st to enter and the rest of the floor was soon filled with hellos, banter and slurps of tea! All prompt ready for the meeting to start!

The Brekkie buffet went down a treat and the brighton hotel staff did us proud with the sausages they served and the constant flow of coffee and tea……..I sais thanks!

We cracked on and all raised our mugs to the 1st ever toast to TOAST………I felt choked…….!

The WWW Round kicked off……….Who are ya? What do ya do? What do ya want? People’s ears pricked and come the BOB round leads were being passed! Boom! It works!

Our speaker had the lurgy leaving us in the lurch but fast thinking I followed my dream of being a quiz host and smashed out a few questions to the crew on networking……….have to say we all scored diabolically which in a nutshell means we need MORE networking so keep popping up folks!

Me, Angela and Su had a ball and want to thank everyone for popping up……..you just gotta keep on popping…….it really is the only way!

Toast yer Sen for coming! Yeeehhaaaaa