How to Give an Elevator Pitch

Have you ever wondered how to give an elevator pitch? A really great one, that is?

And, why it’s even called that? Wonder no more. This is your at-a-glance to guide to your perfect “WWW Round”.  That’s Toast Networking-speak for “who you are, what you do, and who you’re looking to meet” at Brighton and Hove’s BEST networking event.

The expression “elevator pitch” is named for roughly the amount of time – say 60 seconds – it takes to get from the ground floor to the top floor in an elevator (or lift, if you’re British!). It’s a summary of you, what you do and how you do it. Also, what’s great about your business.

It’s Important Because…

It distils your business into a single, quick easy-to-understand presentation.  Moreover, if done well, you WILL impress people.  If they need your services, they’ll more than likely want to follow up with you.

Some Tips

Our WWW round is 60 seconds – and no longer.  Not 2 minutes, for example.  Be concise, precise and to the point.

Practice makes perfect. Try your pitch out at home and time yourself. Several times until you feel confident.

Know your audience.  No jargon, please.  You want people to understand what you do, not be irritated by your lack of clarity.

Slow down. It’s easy to gabble if you’re a bit nervous, so make a conscious effort to speak slowly and clearly.  You’ll have a much more powerful impact.

Be positive and persuasive.  An upbeat message will go down well.  A flat, monotone delivery – not so much.

Have more than one elevator pitch. Mix it up a bit if you can, for different events.

How to Give an Elevator Pitch:

Who You Are

Your name and your business name.

What You Do

Summarise your services, then name the key ones individually.

What Your Services DO for Your Customers

What are the benefits of what you offer and what problems can you solve?  For example, do you save time or money? Do you increase or reduce something?  Make people’s lives easier in some way?

What’s Different About Your Business

What are your USPs? What makes YOU stand out from the competition?

Who are You Looking to Meet?

Get explicit here.  Who is your ideal customer?  Why do you want to meet them?

Finish with a Great Tagline

Make your presentation memorable with a fabulous tagline or phrase.  Try out a few at home to see which one fits the best.  For example,

For a travel agent: “with us, it’s personal”

For a copywriter: “winning words for your business”

For a fitness trainer: “your new you starts today”

And…good luck!  Keep practising, and soon you’ll be pitch perfect.